Level Up Alumni Awards
Level Up Alumni Awards

The Level Up Alumni Awards are a perk created just for you — a valued member of the SAIT alumni family. Whether you are interested in completely reinventing your career or simply adding new skills to your resume, SAIT has a solution for you. And because SAIT wants to partner with you on this journey, we have created three student awards offered exclusively to SAIT alumni.

Please complete the form below to request your Level Up Alumni Award code to use during the check-out process for courses offered through the Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies, open for registration now with new courses being added daily. 

Full-time students enrolled in a credit program, please use the MySAIT student award application form to apply for the Level Up Alumni Award.  

Awards will be given on a first-come, first-served basis beginning July 4, 2023, and are secured when your course registration is complete. 

Thank you for taking the first step! Please complete the following to request your Level Up Alumni Award code:


Primary Email: Required Field


Level Up Alumni Award Type Requested Required Field
Level Up Alumni Award Type Requested
Note that if you are pursuing full time studies, there are Level Up Alumni Awards available for you as well, just a different way to get there. Once you have completed your course registration through mysait look for the award application on the myStudent tab. Full instructions available here.

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